Run, Jump, and Slash


Can’t help but think of Sonic with this run for some reason. I’m happy that this run is just 8 frames instead of 12 or more (although some games are even more economical with 6 or even 3!) and I like her loose strand of hair in the front. No one may see that in the final game but for now I’ll enjoy that small detail that is harmless to add.



Something the GIF can’t express is the sense that she’ll be moving through the air, rising and falling.



Not the most restrained and elegant of fighters. She’s still learning.

The few seconds of air combo you see took quite a while, mostly because I was having some trouble figuring out key poses. In a typical fighting game you may have 3-6 options for attacks in the air, but our game currently uses a single attack button. I had to think of an all around basic air attack to start with that would work well in most situations.

She started with just one slash when jumping but we figured she better have an aerial combo as well for more enjoyment and function. The ground combo flows rather smoothly so it took time for me to break out of the idea that the air combo poses also had to blend perfectly. But, this is a game and contrary to real life it’s much better for Mina to snap to poses without worrying about how she got there. I knew this from having jump attack animations from 2D fighters in my head already, but I was too stuck on her very first slash needing to make sense flowing from her jump pose.



Also finished Mina’s 2 frame dash move.


Clean line and in-betweens left in combat for Mina: crouch attack, Mina taking damage, knocked out, idles, blocking, and then special moves. Wish me luck!


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