Now serving: Patch 1!



Hey Battle Chefs! Thank you all so much for your support. We’ve been reading and responding to your emails, tweets, and discussion threads and then got to work on improving BCB as quickly as possible. This first set of changes fixes a collection of bugs (especially with key remapping and achievements!) and smooths over a couple difficulty spikes on Normal. Thank you all so much for pointing out these issues! Keep the feedback coming, especially since we’re planning future updates now :) Read on for details on quality of life updates and some bug fixes in Revision 12394!
For improvements and fixes, including these, for the Switch version, stay tuned! Those will be coming soon.

Controls & Movement

  • Allow for A, D, Q, and Mouse Buttons 1 & 2 to be rebound.
  • Allow for Crouch to be rebound separately.
  • Fix Action priorities so that Town actions (e.g. Go to Level, Shop) override context-free actions (e.g. Loadout, Dash).
  • Fix soft-lock that could occur if you stepped away from a merging dish and then tried to pick it up.


  • Fix Victory screen anchoring for dishes on non-default screen aspect ratios.
  • Fix monster tint issue when off-screen as fire/cold wears off.


  • Allow Combat yells to be heard even when dialogue VO is muted.
  • Disallow Customer VO playing over Dialogue VO.
  • Fix Cutting Board SFX not playing on the correct taste gem.
  • Fix looping Berserk SFX in Chapter 4 if the Fast-Recharge item was equipped.
  • Fix music not playing during some load screens.


  • Fix Mixologist, Alchemist, and Restauranteur achievements.
  • Fix locally-tracked achievements that would reset if the game was quit.


  • Increase initial difficulty of Hard Mode AI in Duels.
  • Fix some issues with AI dish creation that could result in difficulty spikes in special duels.

Daily Cook-Off

  • Remove single-judge Daily Cook-Offs.
  • Fix leaderboard to show the day you submitted a score for, even if you played across in-game “midnight”.

Practice Kitchen

  • Add Trash Can to Practice Kitchen so that table overcrowding doesn’t force the player to leave.


  • Fix rare crash in Chapter 3 during cooking.
  • Minor bug fixes
Again, from the three of us at Trinket (and all the other folks who made Battle Chef Brigade possible), thank you! Back to work! We can’t wait to serve up some meatier updates in the delicious future!
P.S. Other PC storefronts like GOG, Humble, and Twitch will be getting this patch very soon.

6 thoughts on “Now serving: Patch 1!

  1. Do you guys think you’ll consider implementing a split-screen multiplayer mode? This game just seems to be begging for it! It would be fun to duel against my friends, prepare dishes, and impress the judges!

    1. We’re definitely considering it! It’s tough being such a small team (3 of us in Trinket), but we hear you loud and clear and hope to hit as many desired features as possible in 2018 :)

  2. Greetings, I am very interested in Battle Chef Brigade, However, my computer is very outdated and I don’t have a Nintendo Switch. Is there any info you can give me on a release date for the PS4 version of Battle chef Brigade? Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. THanks for taking the time to read this. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Shavin! We don’t have an announcement yet for the PS4 version, but it’s very important to us as well! Stay tuned in 2018 :)

  3. Glad to hear you’ll be releasing fixes for the Switch version soon(?). I just bought the game, and I’ve found that if I remap combat actions, pressing Y opens the loadout when I try to shop or challenge another chef. If I then remap “interact” to A instead of Y, I can open a shop, but I can’t actually buy anything (pressing A has no effect).

    1. Yep, the patch should be live for Switch very soon! That bug is one of the many that’s fixed :)

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