Out of the Oven: Patch 1 on Nintendo Switch

Hey Battle Chefs! Thanks so much for all the kind tweets, comments, and emails :) We’re excited to keep updating Battle Chef Brigade for you! For Patch 1, we focused on bug fixes along with a few general improvements. This Switch Patch means that the Steam and Switch versions now match. That’s our goal moving forward as well! Read on for the full list of improvements to the Nintendo Switch version:

  • Add option to Reset to the pause menu during duels.
  • Allow gems in Restaurant mode customer requests to animate for better colorblind accessibility.
  • Don’t cull items that aren’t physics-sleeping (would result in ingredients suspending in air off-screen until the player moved close to the items again).
  • Make Leave Job and Leave Practice Kitchen button consistent.
  • Don’t respawn Thrash if he dies in the Yoku hunt. Prompt the player to retry immediately.
Display and UI
  • Fix monster tint issue when off-screen as fire/cold wears off.
  • Outline player chef names in judgment screen so that they’re more legible.
  • Improve presentation of Challenge mode UI flow.
  • Improve presentation of Shop UI flow.
  • Fix credits failing to layout properly if Options menu was viewed from in-game first.
  • Move Combat Voiceover to the SFX volume control.
  • Disallow Customer VO playing over Dialogue VO.
  • Fix Cutting Board FX not playing on the correct taste gem.
  • Fix looping Berserk SFX in Chapter 4 if the Fast-Recharge item was equipped.
  • Fix music not playing during some load screens.
  • Increase initial difficulty of Hard Mode AI in Duels.
  • Fix some issues with AI dish creation that could result in difficulty spikes in special duels, especially Fork and Shiv during C-Squad.
Daily Cook-Off
  • Remove single-judge Daily Cook-Offs.
  • Fix soft-lock going into Daily Cook-Off by mashing A and B at the same time.
  • Fix leaderboard to show the day you submitted a score for, even if you played across in-game “midnight”.
  • Update leaderboard prompt to reconnect more accurately based on whether server connection is available.
  • Fix issue where Daily Cook-off pre-game screen could show 1970 as current date if connection was established before picking player character, but then lost again before preceding to pre-game screen.
  • Increase points required for Daily Cook-Off rankups.
Practice Kitchen
  • Add Trash Can to Practice Kitchen so that table crowding doesn’t force the player to leave.
  • Fix soft-lock that could occur if you stepped away from a merging dish and then tried to pick it up.
  • Fix soft-lock that could occur if a match occurred while a dish was being destroyed in a Belchior puzzle.
  • Fix rare crash in Chapter 3 during cooking.
  • Various typo fixes in dialogue.
  • Various small localization fixes.
  • Fix issue where player could pause while loading into Hunter’s Guild, which could result in a fully black screen until the user pressed Plus again.
  • Fix bug where you could fail to progress through “buy an item” objective if the item was sold back.
  • Fix bugs related to challenging while jumping away from competitor.
  • Fix gameplay failing to pause if the user navigated to the home menu.
  • Fix rank up screen in post Daily Cook-Off flow infinitely looping if the user was max rank.
Known issues
  • Daily Cook-Offs change the active challenge at a different time than the leaderboard rollover. This will be fixed in the next patch.
Again, from all three of us in Trinket, thank you so much for enjoying our little game and reporting bugs! We just finished up a ton of planning meetings and we’ll see you soon with more juicy updates!

2 thoughts on “Out of the Oven: Patch 1 on Nintendo Switch

  1. Hey !

    Glad to see the switch version catching up !

    I bought it on GOG, and just noticed that there is no Trash Can in my practice kitchen (maybe Trash took it back). :)
    Can you say if the GOG version will, going forward, also match the steam version ?

    If there’s additional content at some point (hope!), I would be sad to miss it because of the different platform. :(

    1. Heyo! A new version will be coming out soon and our plan is to get that out to all the platforms. Stay tuned!

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