GIF party

Regardless of how passionate you may or may not be about the way to pronounce “GIF”, I hope you all will enjoy seeing some old animations I made for the cooking side of the game. Since these actions take place at the kitchen station I only needed to animate from the waist up. Currently the latest design of Mina hasn’t undergone these animations but I’m working on the combat side of the game right now (which does have the new Mina).


I’m hoping for Mina to exude a good amount of knife twirling and throwing awesomeness



We’d like for players to be able to eat some foods to gain mana/energy/buffs.



There are no gas or electric stoves. The kitchen has special tabletops for chefs to cast fire magic!



presto chango



A basic spell, speeding up the cooking time with a special flame that won’t over cook the food.



“Time’s up! Hands up!” Following the cooking competition show formula here.



I’m not sure if a wok is going to make it into the game but I’d really love for it to.

All of the animations were made using a tank of an old wacom intuos 3 (probably 5 years old now and still going) and Adobe Photoshop (these were CS3 but now I own CS6). Each frame and sometimes separated parts like arms and hair are different layers in a big PSD file. I also test my animations with the incredibly buggy Photoshop animation timeline. The timeline window is very temperamental but once you figure out what makes it angry you can get around in it without too much hair pulling. If there’s any wonder for why I’m not using Flash or an animation program, I just feel comfortable in Photoshop is really what it comes down to. I can work quickly in it and I’m used to the line quality. Most of all, I like the control I can have in coloring and exporting the animations.
No matter the tediousness of making some of the actions (like different permutations of Mina picking up an object), it’s always rewarding to export a looping GIF!

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