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Out of the Oven: Patch 1 on Nintendo Switch

Hey Battle Chefs! Thanks so much for all the kind tweets, comments, and emails :) We’re excited to keep updating Battle Chef Brigade for you! For Patch 1, we focused on bug fixes along with a few general improvements. This Switch Patch means that the Steam and Switch versions now match. That’s our goal moving forward as well! Read on for the full list of improvements to the Nintendo Switch version:

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Now serving: Patch 1!



Hey Battle Chefs! Thank you all so much for your support. We’ve been reading and responding to your emails, tweets, and discussion threads and then got to work on improving BCB as quickly as possible. This first set of changes fixes a collection of bugs (especially with key remapping and achievements!) and smooths over a couple difficulty spikes on Normal. Thank you all so much for pointing out these issues! Keep the feedback coming, especially since we’re planning future updates now :) Read on for details on quality of life updates and some bug fixes in Revision 12394!
For improvements and fixes, including these, for the Switch version, stay tuned! Those will be coming soon.

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Hi everyone! We’re thrilled to finally announce Battle Chef Brigade, our fantasy cooking battle game!


BCB will be Trinket’s first large scale project. While our mobile games, Color Sheep and Orion’s Forge, each took about 2 months to develop, BCB is geared towards PC and consoles with a longer development time.


Another first for us is that we’ll try to be open about BCB’s development right here on this blog! We’d love for you to follow along and feel free to comment on the posts. Currently we’re working to get our first demo done within the next 12 weeks. It’s going to be a crazy but exciting time!


Mina, the main character of our game!