6 thoughts on “Battle Chef Brigade Release Date!

  1. I was wondering if you could give me a cast list for the voice actors. A lot of them sound familiar and it’s bugging me.
    My partner is streaming the game now after pre-ordering over a year ago :3

    1. Hi! The best list is to pop into the credits from the title screen/options menu. You can then scroll down fast to the voice actor section :)

  2. Hey I’m really enjoying the game so far but I think I hit some sort of odd audio bug in Ch 5. I’m at the part where Thrash needs to get that last item and there’s some weird buzzing sound when he starts that match. I’m playing this on the Switch and so far haven’t found anyone else who has this problem.

    1. Hi! That should be fixed very soon in the next patch. The issue happens when a certain one of Thrash’s Berserk-linked items is equipped in that scene.

  3. I am very interested in playing Battle Chef Brigade, The art style and gameplay look amazing. I am wondering if there will be any plans of a physical release for the Nintendo Switch? I am not a big fan of digital only.

    1. At the moment, we don’t have plans for a physical release although we’d really like to! As sales come in, though, we’re hopeful that we might have that opportunity :)

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