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Capturing Gameplay Footage

As we prepare for the upcoming Kickstarter, I wanted to get back into the habit of typing into programs other than Visual Studio. So, I’m going to give a quick rundown of how we’re capturing gameplay footage for the Kickstarter video.



Monster Control

Of course, it’s important to show your game in the best light possible without being dishonest. Battle Chef Brigade’s Arena can be difficult to film for this reason, since the monsters are much more interested in stealing your ingredients or attacking than acting cool for the camera.  To encourage them to behave nicely, we disable or encourage certain monster actions for each shot. This way, we can trigger behaviors that happen naturally in gameplay without having to do a few dozen takes due to randomness. In other words, instead of hoping for three different monsters to choose and synchronize a set of behaviors, we can force them to!

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Kickstarter Preparations!

Hello Stranger! We’ve accidentally become rather stealthy here on the blog, but we haven’t slowed down on Twitter or on the game!



Here’s the lightning edition of what we’ve been up to these last few months:

  • Updating the environments (Yann has been delivering amazing work!)
  • Revamping the Kitchen mechanics (there’s now an elegant space-management mechanic)
  • Helping with Bit Bash planning
  • Revamping the UI (controller support is now in as well!)
  • Molding a tutorial into shape – playtests have begun!

Most importantly, though, we’ve been preparing for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign! We’re polishing up the game in anticipation of capturing lots of gameplay footage, so Mina and the monsters are finally all getting colored! One of our friends, Mike Antonicelli, is helping Eric color some of the gazillion frames of animation.

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