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Our First Song

Hi all, Tom Dunkin here. I have the great pleasure of working with the talented Trinket and sound guru George Hufnagl to compose the music for the upcoming demo of Battle Chef Brigade. Since Eric first asked me to take on this quest, I have been both excited and scared out of my pants. I’ve mainly worked in the electronic music genre, so this being my first symphonic project has stretched me and energized me in ways I could not have imagined. Thankfully Eric is a clear creative director, and his artwork is completely inspiring if you haven’t already noticed!


Today I get to share with you the first bit of music for BCB, the main gameplay song for the demo. Since the game was still in early stages of development, I did not compose the music after playing through levels and experiencing all the art and gameplay at once. Instead, I worked with Eric in trying to musically capture emotions and abstract ideas such as heroism, bravery, regality/nobility, fantasy and adventure – all stirred together with the important art of cooking! Of course, the concept art has played a huge role in how I perceive the music should sound (including the fantastic arena environments), and this song is influenced by Mina’s character – she is the main heroine, after all! You could say each character has their own instrument or style, so Mina would be represented by strings and violin.


Probably the most difficult aspect about composing such a piece is understanding that the same music will be playing and looped for both the action-packed arena battle segment AND the strategic cooking segment. So the music itself has to be dynamic and versatile enough to fit in with both gameplay sections (though for me cooking is always an intense battle – I promise since being involved in this project my cooking skills and ambition have increased!)


I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with so far, and please look forward to future updates on the sound, art and gameplay right here on the DevBlog!





A little album image created for the occasion from Eric.

Thoughts on Game Ideas

Battle Chef Brigade started as a simple, vague idea. The concept of a fantasy cooking game has been pondered thousands of times; indeed, there are already plenty of games the combine eating with fantasy. That’s all to say that ideas themselves aren’t particularly valuable. That seems to be generally accepted, especially by entrepreneurs. The argument is usually that ideas are common while execution – with all its problem solving, time, and twists – actually creates the product. Even better, it’s much harder to copy a product than an idea. [1] Not everyone can make a first person shooter MMO, even if they can conceive and design the most brilliant game in their mind. Most importantly to us, we can’t sell game ideas on Steam yet! [2]


An idea does have quite a bit of implicit value, though, once you’ve demonstrated the capability to bring it to life. Continue reading

PAX East 2014

For those who are hoping to see us at PAX East again, we’ve got some sad news. We won’t be at PAX East this year.

The new plan is to show the first publicly playable version of Battle Chef Brigade at PAX Prime! We’re disappointed that we won’t be able to hang out with everyone at PAX East this year, but the extra time to polish the game will be well worth it!